Two Brands – One Vision

Since the early 1990s, League and Legacy have been producing premium custom-decorated, vintage-inspired apparel, headwear, and home décor. Just two hours apart, both companies were proudly rooted in Pennsylvania and shared an entrepreneurial, family-like culture, tremendous resiliency, and a passion to provide best-in-class products with everyday comfort.

In the spring of 2018, these two longtime friends merged to form L2 Brands. Whether it is League’s apparel or Legacy’s headwear and home décor, the L2 team works together to continue each brands’ rich tradition of incredible on-trend product design and detail, outstanding custom graphics, and friendly, dedicated service to our retail customers. Together, our highly complementary apparel and headwear lines have extended our reach to new consumers across the United States in four major channels – collegiate, resort & destination, corporate, and golf.

As we move forward as one Company, we know that we will continue to evolve and grow – through new products, new decoration capabilities, new markets, and new people joining our team. But as important as these are, we know that our first Core Value: “Our Customers’ Happiness is our Greatest Strength” will ultimately be the foundation of L2’s success by creating products and solutions for our customers that helps each one achieve their goals.

We are truly excited for the possibilities of our two iconic brands under one roof. We look forward to seeing our products on you soon!

Onward and Upward.


The League Story

League’s entrepreneurial story is as All-American as our style.

In 1991, friends Drew Wolf and Larry Klebanoff teamed up making D-ring sailing belts for college bookstores in Larry’s basement. Soon they had moved to a bigger basement and eventually to a small office; and it wasn’t long before they had grown from a few collegiate accessories to a full line known for its on-trend, yet classic appeal. League has always been very passionate about the rich traditions of the collegiate experience, operating in one of America’s great college cities, Philadelphia. We’re also obsessed with the highest quality products using the most beautiful fabrications and extraordinary attention to detail and comfort.

League is also a story of tremendous resilience having lost our company’s headquarters to a hurricane flood in 1999, only to rebuild and lose it yet again just two years later to one of the most massive office park fires in Pennsylvania history. True to our entrepreneurial spirit, League’s owners and employees refused to give up and came back even stronger – moving back to the office park, continuing to grow by designing outstanding, trend-right apparel, and several years later building a first-class vertical manufacturing facility in Central America.

For nearly three decades overcoming adversity and a rich spirit of always adapting and growing has defined League - indeed a time-tested All-American story.


The Legacy Story

Legacy’s story is the classic American tale of a business initially fueled more by passion than expertise, with a humble off-campus apartment beginning and lots of perseverance.

Legacy was founded in 1992 by law school roommates Mark Landgren and Paige Wingert. Searching for a better fitting and better quality cap than could be found at their school bookstore, they set off to design a cap of their own. What resulted was the ultimate retro-inspired baseball cap with a low-crown shape, replicating the classic style and attention to detail of years past. Fueled by this success, they expanded their line of caps and soon evolved into a leading supplier of not only high-end headwear, but also apparel and home décor for colleges and resorts across the US. Like any long-term success story, there were major setbacks along the way, including a near bankruptcy in 1999. It is such trials that ultimately makes any organization stronger and Legacy is no different.

Legacy continues to design with an eye towards the past, but for today’s cap lover—continually studying headwear trends, developing new styles and sought-after graphics, and always interpreting today’s trends through the lens of our own unique vintage-casual brand. And, never forgetting our proud reputation as one of the most comfortable baseball caps you can find anywhere.

Legacy looks forward to building their shared dedication to excellence as they write the next chapter with their Keystone cousin, League, as L2 Brands.