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Aldus Brewing Co. is located in our great town of Hanover, PA and has continued to be a loyal customer of L2 Brands over the last few years. If you visit their website and scroll through, almost every picture has this fun crew wearing Legacy Hats and League Apparel. Aldus is known for brewing beer for all types of craft-beer drinkers, even ones who didn’t know they liked craft beer. League and Legacy are known for creating amazing, quality made headwear and apparel that much like the beer they drink, is a real crowd pleaser. It only felt natural to partner up with them for a fun project. A mutual brand respect and a growing friendship allowed Aldus founder, Jason Mininger, and L2 sales rep, Bryan Lippy to put their thinking caps on (no pun intended, okay, maybe a little). A great collaboration grew from this and thus the idea of naming a new beer after their favorite hat, was born.

We bring you Old Favorite Lager. Named for the iconic Old Favorite trucker hat, which even new, feels well broken in and comfortable. What a perfect hat to complement Aldus’s New American Standard Lager. This lager is familiar yet slightly different. Light in body, Dry and crisp; the notes of Citrus and Jasmine are what sets this American standard lager apart. But it still fits just right. Like an Old favorite hat. As Bryan Lippy likes to say, “it’s the beer you can drink all day with the hat you can wear all day”! Looking to continuing to tell this story, we chose one of Jason’s favorites to do so. Our L900 Fall Heather Tri-blend short sleeve tee, printed with an exclusive limited-edition graphic, was truly inspired by the energy of our hometown and the story behind this collaboration. Bonus is that it pairs perfectly with the new Aldus OFA, and of course the Old Favorite Lager.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of the lager and the commemorative hat and tee will be donated to Olivia’s House in Hanover, PA.

a diagram showing fabric being made into face coverings

Aldus x Legacy = good times