L2 Blue

Be the change you want to see in the world: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

L2 Blue

Made Better, Lasts Longer

For over 30 years League and Legacy have been known for making high quality product that our customers love. Everything we design is made to last and meant to be worn for a lifetime. We use only the finest fabrics, cut and sewn with only the best materials, and  produced with an unwavering attention to detail. We believe that wearing something timeless, original, and well-made will last longer than wearing something that is ultimately disposable. Wearing a garment for just 9 months longer, shrinks its carbon footprint by 30%. 

Recycled Materials

In 2017 we started using recycled plastic yarns (rPET) from Repreve by creating apparel and headwear assortment that our customers immediately latched on to, and today we continue to grow our Repreve product assortments each year. Last year our Repreve assortment has helped us diverted over 1.5 million plastic bottles from ending up in an ocean or landfill.  Our focus on creating more sustainable products continued to advance as we began working with our factories with one goal in mind- how can we take our top selling collections, keep the quality, look and feel that we are known for- but now make them more sustainably? As we launch L2 Blue,  we continue to use more recycled polyester instead of virgin polyester( which is petroleum/fossil fuel based), by transitioning top-selling apparel and headwear collections over to being produced using recycled polyester. This year we are converting over 30% of our product assortment to being made more sustainably with the transition of our entire Victory Falls and Intramural Apparel Collection as well as our Cool Fit Headwear Collection will all now be manufactured using recycled polyesters. We look forward to growing our sustainable collections as we will continue to seek and source more sustainable fibers and fabrics.

War on Waste

We define waste as any cost incurred that does not add value to our customer and that translates to doing things right the first time, every time. The fight is endless, but we believe in taking the right steps, with ongoing continuous improvement in every Step of the way. We thoughtfully design product by using efficiencies in fabric platforms- finding fabrics we love and building collections around it. We continue to evolve our production process with the war on waste in mind, and by using LEAN principles we have implemented processes like an ink recirculation system- a process which reduce consumption by 20%, and waste by 90%. Inks are disposed of using a third-party environmental service - not put in a drain.