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No Shoes Reefs came about 6yrs ago on a boat ride down the St John’s River in Jax, FL. Taken not only from Kenny Chesney's laid-back beach lifestyle, but also his love of the ocean and wanting to help keep it healthy for the next generations. No Shoes Reefs, a grassroots effort to raise awareness and support for ocean habitat, and League | Legacy comes together on this sustainable line made with Repreve® fibers (made from recycled plastic bottles) to donate 25% of each sale of the No Shoes Reefs line to help raise #Awareness and #Support for Ocean Habitat. These dollars go directly back into fresh and saltwater projects through the work of our Habitat Organizations! As we like to say, #1tee, #1hat equals #creatinghabitat and #savingsealife. Each design is made by Julie Siracusa, No Shoes Reefs Resident Artist, highlighting underwater reef habitats.

Starting in 2017, League | Legacy looked to create more sustainable product offerings, with the purpose of doing good by partnering with Repreve made by Unifi, the leading and most trusted performance fiber made from recycled plastic bottles. Plastic pollution accounts for some 18 billion pounds of plastic waste flowing into the oceans from coastal regions every year. Less than a fifth of all plastic is recycled globally, which is a burden the earth can no longer continue to bear. We see the importance of moving towards a more circular economy, hence the reason we partnered with the world's number one brand of recycled fibers: REPREVE®. Together, we produce products that use fibers made from recycled plastic bottles - a closed-loop alternative to incinerating or landfilling. These sustainable products are manufactured with a certified proprietary fiber allowing you to enjoy apparel and headwear that does good all while looking and feeling great.

Earth Day 2022 partners! Tampa Bay Watch and Pigeon Key