A true tribute to positive vibes everywhere and one of the world’s most iconic symbols, we could not be more excited to launch our latest collaboration - The Smiley Company.

As official partners, we are helping Smiley® celebrate 50+ years of sharing a smile and spreading good vibes by creating this exclusive collection together!

The yellow smiling icon is recognizable worldwide and has become a symbol of positivity for all those who see it. Here at L2 Brands, we want our headwear and apparel to make you feel just as happy as the Smiley® looks - now you can have both!

You might have seen this smile on some of our collegiate and or resort merchandise but now, only for a limited time, you can shop Smiley® X League Legacy right here!

Interested in ordering Smiley® art wholesale?

Any of this art can be customized with a location name-drop!